We will take the blockchain beyond the limits of technology

With KOI, people could make use of the blockchain in a fast, effective, transparent and secure way,
to make transactions between people and businesses
without tech devices.

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A lot of people don't have access to the knowledge, technology or economy that exists in what we know as Blockchain. Traditional businesses don't take advantages of every tool created to make easy transactions between people and commerce. Facilitate the adoption of technology must to be one of the main goals of all IT development based on blockchain, however, new projects are aim to the creation of technology to those people who has previous knowledge to use it, excluding to a big part of population. With the implementation of our developed products we will get the real massification of the blockchain. That's our main goal.

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get the real massification of the blockchain

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Why invest in KOI?

We have decided to build an appropriate platform to give a solution to satisfy the actual market needs, giving you profits for your investment.

7% to 12% airdrop to holders

As investors and KOI holders you will get 7% airdrops yearly every time we release tokens. Those that keep our token in the KOI wallet or other KOI app will get a 12%.

Fixed token release

We have planned to release our token yearly, with a fixed circulating supply we guarantee that our token value never drops, and it shows we have the committed in work in this project for a long time.

25% Buyback Program

When you have something good is hard to let it go, for that reason, we will open buyback programs, this will help in the growth of our ecosystem.

20% guaranteed return

We are working in giving value to our token, you as an investor will get exclusive content that will make profitable your investment in our project.


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